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Dux HP App

Maximise your energy savings & set the heat pump operating mode

The Dux HP App gives you more control over the operation of the water heater.

Easily program your water heater to run in various modes based on the hot water needs. The Dux HP App can enable scheduling of the heat pump to operate on certain days and times.

This provides additional flexibility to boost your hot water output.


The water heater can be programmed to run in various modes based on the requirements of the user. The following are the various modes and features available for the water heater. Some of these modes are only available when using the Dux HP App.

This is the default mode for the water heater and will heat the tank to 60ºC. In this mode, the heat pump system will be used to heat the water when the ambient temperature is within –6ºC to 45ºC. Outside this ambient temperature range, the backup heating element will be used to heat the water.

In this mode, only the heat pump system can operate to heat the water. The backup heating element will not operate to heat water and may only be used to prevent freezing of water in the tank. It is recommended to use this mode only when the ambient temperature is expected to be within –6ºC to 45ºC.

In this mode, both the heating element and heat pump system will operate together to heat the water. This mode can be used to reduce the heating time of the water heater.
The BOOST function will only operate for one heating cycle after which the water heater will return back to the previous mode.

This mode can be used if the water heater is not expected to be used for a long duration. The water temperature in the tank is kept above 10ºC to avoid any risk of freezing.

The water heater can be scheduled to operate only at particular times of the day using the “Weekly programming” option in the DuxHP App. Please note that scheduling the water heater to run only at particular times of the day increases the risk of running out of hot water.
If you run out, you will need to schedule additional hours in which the water heater can heat. As the heating rate is slower in cold ambient conditions, you are more likely to experience this during the winter months.

The maximum recommended thermostat setting for the water heater is 60ºC.
The thermostat settings for the heating element is factory set and must not be changed. Adjustment of the thermostat for the electric heating element may lead to incorrect operation of the heat pump system.