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Environmental Policy

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)
Moss Vale


  • Organisation: Dux Manufacturing Ltd (Dux Hot Water) – ABN 1907707984 – 1 Collins Road Moss Vale NSW 2577
  • Dux Environmental Protection License: 11481
  • Excerpt: This document is an excerpt from Dux Emergency Planning and Response (DUX036F1)

Initiating and implementing the PIRMP

Our organisation ensures preparedness for any emergency that arises on site as a result of Dux operations.

Emergencies on site can affect in whole or part, the viability of our operations. By having a planned response, we can prepare our people to respond appropriately. A planned response also helps to avoid the panic and unnecessary speculation that can increase in emergency situations.

Dux provides a system of planning and response for any incident that causes or can cause or lead to deaths or injuries and/or harm to health or wellbeing.

Dux also provides a system of planning and response for the protection of and guarding against harm to the environment. This element also provides for a system of review, analysing and testing, where the prevention of further incidents can be optimised by prompt review and de-briefing immediately after an emergency incident involving the Emergency Response Team as a minimum. This is to ensure follow up actions are agreed to and recorded for accountability.

The Emergency Response and Pollution Incident Response Management detailed in this document will be initiated when an emergency arises. The content of this element will provide for safe evacuation of buildings, areas, or whole or part of the Moss Vale site if necessary. It will also provide for a rapid safe clean-up of substances, including required notification process for the reporting of major incidents that are ‘notifiable’ to regulatory authorities (SafeWork NSW/EPA).

All care will be taken as a priority, as far as is reasonably possible, not to expose people to harm, or to damage the environment, either on or off site, as a result of Dux emergency responses.

Communication with authorities

In accordance with our PIRMP DUX036F1, Dux will initiate this in the case of a pollution spill, included in that incident response is communication with the authorities and neighbours.

Communication with neighbours

Dux has the contact details and awareness of all our neighbours and will communicate directly with them in the case of a pollution incident potentially affecting them.
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