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Hot Water Systems
In Melbourne

Dux has had a special relationship with Melbourne. Melburnians have shown an immeasurable amount of faith in Dux hot water systems, and we have reciprocated with unwavering quality and commitment for over a century now.

Hot Water Systems In Melbourne

Having been a popular choice for over a century now, Dux is still going strong and bringing innovative hot water technologies in every category to change lives for the better. Dux hot water systems in Melbourne deliver real-world performance with reliable systems designed to last.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing factory in the NSW Southern Highlands is home to continual research and development, producing hot water systems that fulfil all modern-home requirements. Rigorous testing and detailed analysis of product design, construction methodologies, and ongoing quality testing, enable us to bring only the best systems to the market.

Backed by Noritz – globally, one of the most reputable names in the residential and commercial hot water industry, has enabled Dux to deliver the latest technology and improved efficiency in water heating products to Australian families. We strive to produce robust hot water systems that will meet consumer expectations around efficiency, running costs and enough hot water for daily needs.


Dux has had a special relationship with Melbourne. Melburnians have shown an immeasurable amount of faith in Dux hot water systems, and we have reciprocated with unwavering quality and commitment for over a century now.

To cater to Melbourne’s hot water needs in the best possible way, our plumber network can even assist with installation, repair, and servicing around Melbourne so that you get to enjoy your hot water daily without any hassles.

Dux’s Strong Connection With Melbourne

Being the 2nd largest city in Australia, with people from all over the country coming and residing here, Melbourne poses a tremendous demand for hot water systems. Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow water heaters are also known as ‘tankless’ water heaters and have become the popular choice for many Melbourne homeowners over the years. The superior build quality, endless hot water, high six star energy efficiency and low maintenance ensure these models are low cost to own and operate.

In a city like Melbourne, where the reticulated natural gas supply has always been abundant, gas storage water heaters were bound to become a permanent addition to many homes. We’ve seen Melbourne grow over the years and have simultaneously worked towards fulfilling the everyday hot water needs in the city for almost a century now. This is why even today,  Dux Prodigy gas storage water heaters are a popular and affordable choice for homes in Melbourne.

With new housing regulations, solar hot water systems are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne today. In the new residential estates of Melbourne, people have the option to comply with regulations by installing a gas boosted solar water heater (where gas is available) or electric boosted solar water heater or heat pump where reticulated natural gas is not available. This has driven uptake of product sales like Dux’s energy-efficient Ecosmart solar electric and gas hot water systems which offer unparalleled efficiency to deliver solar hot water solutions in Melbourne. The Ecosmart range by Dux is currently one of the most efficient on the market and employs the latest European solar technology combined with the Australian made tank.

As the city moves towards sustainable living, the changing regulations encourage people to switch to energy-efficient models for hot water in Melbourne. In fact, the VEEC-based rebate scheme has already incentivized thousands of homeowners to replace their less efficient 3-star gas storage systems or electric water heaters with 4 and 5 star gas water heaters or even solar water heaters.

The Dux Advantage

Dux Servicing And Maintenance Services

In and around Melbourne, Dux has an extensive plumber network comprising of expert plumbers. Our licensed plumbers are specialists in hot water systems, providing the best-in-class maintenance services. Be it gas, electric, or solar heaters, get servicing done at your doorstep. We do a detailed inspection of your water heater and provide genuine advice regarding any replacements or repairs. Call 1300 365 116 to talk to a Dux Customer Service team member or to book a service.

Hot Water Systems Repair

Dux’s team of expert licensed plumbers have decades of experience and can repair any type of hot water system in Melbourne. Get complete assistance with leaking tanks, old valves, or debris build-up. We can help with your Dux water heater, for professional advice and reliable hot water repairing assistance, contact Dux Customer Service on 1300 365 116.  

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