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Flood Advice

Consumer Flood Advice 

In response to the extensive flooding that is occurring in parts of Australia, the following advice is provided for dealing with water heaters that have been partially or completely submerged in flood waters. 


  • If you have any concerns with the water heater it should be replaced or a service call can be arranged by calling Dux on 1300 365 115. 


Water heaters that have been partially or fully submerged may in the majority of cases, need to be replaced. As a general rule submerged water heaters may have: 

  • Electrical components damaged beyond repair or with compromised mechanisms
  • Gas components, flues, and heat exchangers affected by silt and blockage, causing unsafe operation 
  • Other components of the water heater like insulation which may be damaged, thereby affecting the operation of the water heater. 

Also, if flood water has entered a water heater, the quality of the potable water provided may be affected and it is recommended that the unit be replaced. Remember, flood waters may be contaminated with sewage which can carry a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites in addition to other debris. 

To determine if a water heater can be salvaged, contact Dux to book a service call on 1300 365 115.


  • Any work carried out on a water heater MUST be carried out by suitably licensed, qualified, skilled and competent persons as required by the controlling Regulatory Authorities. 
  • Work on ALL water heaters with a mains electrical supply must include an inspection and insulation resistance test of the water heater installation’s electrical supply circuit. 
  • All water heaters connected to the power supply must be electrically isolated before  conducting any other work. 
  • All water heaters connected to the gas supply must have the gas supply isolated before conducting any other work.