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Condensing Continuous Flow 21L

Compact and efficient, Dux’s latest range of Continuous Flow units are an excellent option for Australian homes. Dux gas continuous flow water heaters heat the water only as needed, not wasting energy by keeping water in a tank hot, earning it a 6 star (or higher) energy rating. With several flow capacity models available, ensure you select a Dux continuous flow water heater that best suits to the number of outlets in the home.

  • 6.7 star efficiency rating
  • Never run out of hot water
  • Condensing models deliver over $1000# savings over the 12 year warranted life of the heat exchanger
  • Features superior condensing technology that boasts over 90% thermal efficiency by capturing additional heat in the secondary heat exchanger
  • Providing Australian homes with superior technology straight from Noritz, Japan’s leading manufacturer of household water heaters
  • Smallest domestic condensing gas water heater
  • Electronic ignition means no standby pilot light
  • Inbuilt condensate neutralizer
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Suitable for 2 - 3 outlets
  • Also available in 26L/min model
  • 12 year warranty on heat exchanger, including 3 year full parts and labour*

Products in Range Products In Range

21L/min 26L/min

Optional Accessories Optional Accessories

Model Description
CF-H33-K600 Pipe Cover
RBM3 Recess Box
H1210 Anti-theft kit
CF-S37 Flue Diverter
CM1D Main Controller
CB1D Bathroom Controller
CB2D Bathroom 2 Controller

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Note: Refer to Installation Manual on which combination of controllers works together

* Full warranty terms and conditions are in the products Owners Manual. Click Here for full details and conditions which apply.