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A Capacity to Suit

The range is available in both 200L & 285L tank capacities, to suit a variety of family sizes and hot water demands.

Product Features

  • Uses up to 75% less energy than a standard electric water heater#
  • Patented dual wall heating coil directly immersed in water for efficient heating
  • Single piece design for ease of installation
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia
  • Backup element provides heating in very low ambient conditions and for single shot boost applications
  • Designed for long service life and with interchangeable major components
  • Core components feature anti- corrosive coatings for maximum durability in various environments
  • Mains pressure hot water
  • Dux HP App enables the user to configure and control the heat pump settings and operations
  • Eligible for generous government rebates to reduce the upfront cost
  • Also available in a 200L model
  • 7 year tank warranty, 3 year on refrigeration components including labour, and 1 year other components parts & labour warranty*

#Based on the results of a VIPAC test report assessment to AS/NZS 5125.1:2014 part 1: Air Sourced Heat Pump water heaters for models 200DHA20 and 300DHA20 (Nov 2022).

*Full warranty terms and conditions are in the Owner’s Manual. Without limiting the stated warranty period, Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Program offers a 5 year ‘Whole of Product’ warranty where a rebate has been received under Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Program for installations from 1 July 2023.

Technical Information

Model Number:
300DHA20 / 300DHA20P
Tank Size:
  • Zone 1: 17
  • Zone 2: 16
  • Zone 3: 20
  • Zone 4: 21
Map showing 4 Australian STC Zones

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the new Dux EcoSmart heat pumps are the next generation of environmentally friendly water heaters. They combine both high efficiency and performance to lower household energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

They feature a patented heating coil, anti-corrosive coating and are designed for long service life with interchangeable major components.

This makes them a great alternative to an electric water heater.

Ecosmart HP


  • Featuring a patented heating coil, anti-corrosive coating, designed for long service life with interchangeable major components
  • Dux HP App enables the user to configure and control the heat pump settings and operation
  • 7 year tank warranty, 3 year on refrigeration components including labour, and 1 year other components parts & labour warranty*

Energy Efficient

The Dux Ecosmart heat pump is up to 4 times more energy efficient than standard electric water heaters. This makes them a great choice for households looking to reduce their energy use particularly when connected to continuous or time of use tariffs.

How it Works

Heat pumps absorb free heat energy from the ambient air and use 'reverse cycle' technology to heat your water. Just like a fridge, except in reverse. For 1kw of power consumed, they produce 4kw of heating which is why they are so energy efficient.

in your hand

When connected to the internet, you can monitor the heat pumps energy use & operating modes via the Dux HP App. It allows you to:

  • Set the heat pump to an operating mode to suit your individual hot water requirements
  • Boost the unit to maximise the units recovery, reducing heating time
  • Schedule the water heater to run at particular times of the day to take advantage of time of use tariffs
  • Put the heat pump on Holiday mode when the water heater is not expected o be used for a long duration
control at your fingertips

At Your Fingertips

Our smart WIFI enabled controller provides multiple operating modes to suit your application and maximise your savings. These are accessible through the Dux HP App or via the heat pumps touch control pad.

Built Stronger
To Last Longer

Manufactured to last & designed to perform. We’ve specified high performance components from some of the biggest names in refrigeration and controller technology to provide the utmost quality and longevity.

built stronger
control at your fingertips

Designed and Made

Our heat pumps are manufactured right here in Australia, and have been specifically designed for Australian homes and conditions. Backed by local support and parts supply.

marathon warranty

The Marathon® Warranty

All Dux water heaters are backed by our Marathon Warranty. It's designed to provide peace of mind over the warranted term of the water heater.

Designed to go the distance

We prioritise quality into the design and manufacture of our hot water systems to make one of the best water heaters possible. The process begins with robust designs from our local research and development team. We specify superior ‘Plus plus’ cylinder designs in the majority of our storage products, combined with high strength steel and commercial grade enamel for longer product life. We leak test tanks from each days production for even greater quality assurance.

It's why we say our products are Built stronger to last longer™.

Proudly manufactured in Australia