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Dux Ecosmart – The Smarter Solar Choice

If you’re aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, or simply tackle your growing energy bill, choose Dux Ecosmart solar. Ecosmart solar water heaters incorporate the latest European solar technology to capture the sun’s energy. It heats water in roof mounted, high performance solar collectors, which is pumped into a highly insulated, Australian made solar tank – ready to use when you need it.

Solar water heating is all about storage capacity and capturing the suns energy whilst it’s available. Larger tanks allow more opportunity to store more ‘solar’ heated water, which maximises your energy saving potential. Dux Ecosmart models are available in 250L, 315L and 400L tank capacities to suit a variety of home sizes. Now featuring commercial grade enamel and a thicker 27mm anode, the solar tanks come backed by a 7 year tank warranty1, 2 years longer than the previous generation.

Installed ecosmart system

Models are available with either electric or gas boosting, ensuring hot water is available on cloudy days or in times of high demand. Electric boosted models have a mid-mounted element that heats a portion of the tank in low solar gain conditions. This can be connected to an off-peak electricity tariff for even lower running costs.

Gas boosted models come with a remote mounted, 26L/min, 6 star energy efficient continuous flow. The system senses the temperature of the water passing through it and only turns on to heat the water to a suitable temperature if needed. With only ‘pre-heated’ solar water in the tank, gas boosted solar is incredibly economical to run, whilst providing you with a steady hot water supply that will never run out.

The numbers don’t lie

Dux Ecosmart solar water heaters are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) under the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.

Small-scale technology certificates can be created following the installation of an eligible solar system, and are calculated based on the amount of non-renewable electricity a system displaces. The more electricity that is saved, the greater the number of certificates that the system is eligible for.

When it comes to STCs, Dux Ecosmart models have delivered a ‘step change’ in performance and are amongst the highest performing solar water heaters in their class. Depending on the model, they are eligible for up to 10 more STCs than some other leading solar water heater brands. At today’s STC market value, this adds up to a $350 saving. And the savings don’t stop there, with higher efficiency comes lower running costs, meaning more money in your pocket.

Easier to install

Solar water heaters require the assembly of multiple components that need to be connected in order to work. Dux has tackled two significant installation issues with its Ecosmart range.

Lighter solar collectors – The new generation, selective surface solar collectors weigh up to 30% less than the previous panels, and come with a simple screw in assembly piece for easy installation and alignment. This makes getting the panels onto the roof easier, whilst creating a faster, more water tight connection.

Factory mounted solar control module – Contains an advanced designed and European manufactured solar controller and circulator. These components are mounted to the tank in the factory, reducing the complexity of the connections for the plumber, and allowing for factory fit and finish.

Further help is at hand with the availability of an installation guide, showing easy to follow ‘step by step’ images of the installation process.

All this makes Dux Ecosmart solar the smarter choice. These systems will save you money on your energy bills, and provide an economical, sustainable and reliable hot water solution for years to come.

1 Full warranty terms and conditions are available online. Visit for full details and conditions which apply.