Prodigy 4 Star Takes The 'Market Leading' Crown | Dux Hot Water


Prodigy 4 Star Takes the ‘Market Leading’ Crown

As one of Australia’s largest hot water manufacturer with a proven dedication to research and development, innovation is never far away. Dux’s new Prodigy range doesn’t disappoint.

Its considerably larger, more efficient burner technology now offers vastly improved recovery rates across both Prodigy 4 and Prodigy 5 models. The Prodigy 4 range now boasts the leading recovery rates and first hour capacity in the 4-star gas storage water heater market.

So how much better is the new Dux Prodigy range? With the inclusion of sophisticated advancements in burner technology and the insulated water tank, recovery rates have increased by up to an impressive 25%. The 135L recovery rates are now up to 122L/hr and the 170L offers 145L/hr.

Even with these newly advanced capabilities, the Dux Prodigy range offers an identical footprint to the existing 3-star gas storage unit, ensuring easy, hassle-free replacement. It delivers mains pressure hot water, with the main cylinder insulated with robust foam for added durability and dependability. An additional advantage is that no power point is required. The range is available in both natural gas and propane.

The new Dux Prodigy 4 is leading the way in the 4-star market and comes with a 7-year tank warranty. Prodigy 5 also delivers easy installation, with water connections positioned on both sides of the tank and its patented flue damper design reduces heat loss significantly. Its proven dependability is reflected in an impressive 10 year tank warranty.

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